Venezuelan President Maduro Creates Ministry for the Elderly

Venezuelan President Maduro Creates Ministry for the Elderly

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the creation of the Ministry of Popular Power for Older Adults.


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“Tomorrow I will sign the decree creating the Ministry for the Elderly, which will guarantee the four vertices of the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland,” he expressed during the first broadcast of the radio program “Suddenly with Maduro.”

The Bolivarian leader commented that the new institution emerged from the National Congress of Grandparents, which proposed ensuring comprehensive and timely access for the elderly population to dignified living conditions, including health services, recreation, and mobility.

The public policies to achieve these objectives are also present in the Plan of the Seven Transformations proposed by President Maduro for the 2025-2030 period.

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During the first edition of the new radio program, the Bolivarian leader responded to the criticisms of an opposition presidential candidate by highlighting that the Venezuelan oligarchy has always been disconnected from the realities of the people.

“You come from a past to which this country will not return… None of you have been with the people. When the pandemic occurred, where were you? When we had to face the U.S. sanctions and the attempted invasion, where were you? When we had to face a brutal economic war and address the food needs of the people, where were you? I can tell you where I was. We were in the neighborhood with the people attending to their needs,” Maduro stressed.

On Thursday, the Venezuelan president allocated over US$48 million so that the Community Military Brigades for Education and Health (BRICOMILES) can make investments in 500 schools and about 200 comprehensive diagnostic centers.

He also approved resources for the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, which will carry out rehabilitation works on churches, temples, and parish houses.

Maduro also referred to the rainy season caused by the presence of a second tropical wave, which is affecting the coast, the plains, and the western area of Venezuelan territory.

In this regard, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez reported that the Risk System is deployed to address any type of difficulty that the weather conditions may generate.

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