Poll Shows the Great Support of the Venezuelan People to Nicolás Maduro

Poll Shows the Great Support of the Venezuelan People to Nicolás Maduro

On Monday, a poll conducted on May 13 and 17, by Dataviva yielded vital results ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela on July 28. The statistics showed the great preference of the Venezuelan electorate for President Nicolás Maduro and the PSUV.

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According to Dataviva, the survey was applied to some 1320 people, of different sexes, ages and social classes.

The first indicator studied by the monitoring was the presidential candidate preference. In this area, the first place is taken by Nicolás Maduro with 54.8% support for his candidacy.

In the second position of most supported candidates, is the leader of the opposition Edmundo Gonzales with a 19.4% support, however, the number of Venezuelans sympathetic with Maduro tripling those who support Gonzales.

#ENCUESTA ��El Pdte. @NicolasMaduro se consolida con amplia ventaja en la intención de voto para las elecciones del #28Jul

Este estudio de la encuestadora Dataviva, estima un 54,8% de respaldo al candidato de la patria@RafaelMaracay21 #Maracay #ConcienciaPatriótica pic.twitter.com/XgEFmiHKvA

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May 20, 2024

 The text reads, 

The Pdte.
consolidates with a wide advantage in voting intention for the #28Jul elections This study by the pollster Dataviva estimates 54.8% support for the homeland candidate

The other candidates, it should be noted, do not reach even 10% of popular support. Also 10.9% of the electorate do not know why candidate to vote.

Regarding party preference, 48% of the electorate prefer the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the Great Patriotic Pole Simon Bolivar.  Meanwhile, Edmundo Gonzalez’s party, the Unitarian Platform (PU) have only 13% support.

The other parties, as with the candidates, do not reach even 10% of electoral support. 24% of Venezuelans also do not support any specific party.

Finally, in terms of electoral participation, 65% of Venezuelans of voting age will safely go to the polls. On the other hand, 6% of voters will not exercise their right to vote and 13% of the electorate does not know if they will vote on July 28.

#Venezuela | President Nicolas Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) points out that the international community must know the truth about the South American country and not be fooled about it pic.twitter.com/tLYleqNuss

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May 19, 2024