Uruguay: Transport Workers Extend Strike

Uruguay: Transport Workers Extend Strike

On Tuesday, the Copsa Workers’ Association (ATC) decided to extend today for 24 hours the strike that began the day before and affects the passenger service.


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«At the moment we are still without solutions» to the claims for unpaid wages, says the ATC executive board in a communiqué.

This morning, the union called its members to the Rio Branco bus terminal in the capital, where the company operates interdepartmental lines.

Andrés Martínez, leader of the Copsa union, said that they have not been paid on time for three consecutive months.

Continúa el paro de trabajadores de Copsa por falta de pago y desde el gremio expresaron que hasta que la empresa no salde todas las deudas salariales, las medidas seguirán. Luis Mila representante de los trabajadores dijo a CX36 que el paro continuará.
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May 21, 2024

He said they are owed amounts corresponding to holiday pay and leave, a situation that began in 2021.

Martínez acknowledged that the «bridge» loan approved by the Banco de la República will alleviate the conflict.

«What worries us is that the company, with what it collects monthly, is not being able to meet the monthly salary payments»,

ATC has already communicated with the Unión Nacional de Obreros y Trabajadores del Transporte (Unott) and does not rule out «intensifying measures».