UPDATE: 161 Deaths Due to Severe Weather in Southern Brazil

UPDATE: 161 Deaths Due to Severe Weather in Southern Brazil

The number of people killed by the severe rains and floods that affect the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul increased to 161, according to updated reports from the local Civil Defense.


UPDATE: Floods Death in Brazil Toll Rises to 155

In an updated part, disseminated through its website, the agency detailed that the number of missing persons decreased from 88 to 85 compared to the previous part, while the injured total 806.

He added that there are 464 municipalities affected and 2,339,508 people affected by the severe climate. There are 581,633 homeless persons, while 72,561 remain in shelters.

A total of 27,708 troops -assisted by 4,058 vehicles, 21 aircraft and 271 boats- are involved in relief operations, which until Monday night allowed the rescue of 82,666 people and 12,358 animals.

Brazil: 1,160 people were displaced as a result of the floods, which killed at least 100 people. pic.twitter.com/VAymw8SmyR

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May 21, 2024

On the flow of the Guaíba River, which began to descend hours ago, the Civil Defense pointed out that the flow of water is maintained from this stream to the Laguna dos Patos.

Levels in the Jacuí, Sinos and Gravataí rivers «remain high and above the flood level. The situation is also critical in the sweet coastal region of Laguna dos Patos, which has already recorded the largest floods in history».

In images released by the agency, it is seen that most of the state continues under severe flood or flood alert, while the whole west and south this Tuesday could face rains, strong winds, electrical activity and even hail fall.

Until Monday, 178,000 customers remained without electricity service and, on the other hand, the Mayor’s Office of Porto Alegre confirmed breakages at two points of the Arroio Sarandí dam located in Vila Brasília, one of the most affected regions of the Zona Norte neighborhood, in the city.

The municipal secretary of Urban Services (Smsurb), Assis Arrojo, reported that a gap has between 4-5 meters and the second between 8-10. They pose no danger of collapse of the structure. Although it is unknown when they originated, the official estimated that they are helping to drain water from that neighborhood to Arroio Sarandí.

The reduction in floods also had to do with the installation of a floating pump that was ceded by the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (Sabesp). This Tuesday another device of this type is being installed, with the capacity to drain 2,000 liters of water per second.

Flooding is also reported in the vicinity of Salgado Filho airport, whose operations are suspended. Another eight airports, operated by the State, remain active, thus six more airstrips, under municipal or other administration entidades.

A lot of accumulated water is reported even in the neighborhoods of São João and Santa Maria Goretti.