United States Implements New Migration Policies


It will enter into force when the number of border crossings exceeds 2,500 a day for one week.

The President of the United States (U.S.), Joe Biden, signed on Tuesday an order to temporarily close the border with Mexico, stopping receiving asylum applications.

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That order will allow US authorities to deport those who do not exceed strict asylum standards when the number of 2,500 arrests per day at the border is exceeded for an average of seven days, senior US officials told the press.

Because the current daily number of people the Border Patrol finds between ports of entry is well over 2,500, this order would effectively close most asylum applications at the border when it enters into force.

The White House reported that the president was left with no alternative to address the immigration issue in a more humane way, because the Republican legislators of the Federal Congress have opposed any proposal to reform immigration laws.

STATEMENT: Following the announcement of @POTUS‘ Executive Order on border and asylum system, our @NatyAristiBeta said:

«President Biden’s executive order is cruel and reckless, and it fails to provide real solutions for a fair and humane immigration system our country… pic.twitter.com/U4I6NgVZWr

— Make the Road NY 🦋 (@MaketheRoadNY) June 4, 2024

The limit imposed by Biden on the number of migrants who will be able to submit their asylum request stems from the overflowing figure of 3,500 applicants who arrive daily at US border posts bordering Mexico that cannot be processed by immigration agents.

Meanwhile, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported on Tuesday that he will hold a phone call with his US counterpart, to talk about the migration issue.

According to Lopez Obrador, in the call, which “probably” will be given this Tuesday, Biden will insist on US immigration policy. at least two things are considered: the regulation of Mexicans working in the U.S. for many years and address the root causes of migration.

I would have preferred to address our issues at the border through bipartisan legislation because that’s the only way to actually fix our broken system –

But Republicans in Congress have left me no choice.

So today, I’m announcing actions that bar migrants who cross our… pic.twitter.com/ScZ2urgoG9

— President Biden (@POTUS) June 4, 2024

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