Peru: Prosecutor’s Office Accuses President Boluarte of Bribery

Peru: Prosecutor’s Office Accuses President Boluarte of Bribery

On Monday, the Prosecutor’s Office filed a constitutional complaint against Peruvian President Dina Boluarte «as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of improper passive bribery.»


Dina Boluarte: Almost 100% of Peruvians Disapprove Her Rule

This action occurs as part of the case known as «RolexGate», in which the Prosecutor’s Office detected that the far-right politician is the owner of several luxury watches worth thousands of dollars that were not declared to the tax authorities.

The constitutional complaint is a special procedure that prosecutors can apply to senior State officials. Among them is the Peruvian president, who nevertheless enjoys immunity.

The relevance of the Prosecutor’s request must be evaluated by the Peruvian Congress’ Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations.

Thousands of Peruvians have hit the streets for weeks to demand the resignation of de-facto president Dina Boluarte.

Boluarte’s disapproval rate rose to 82% and 69% of Peruvians want a new Constitution.

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July 31, 2023

If this subcommittee considers that the petition is pertinent, a political process would be activated and it could end in the plenary session of parliament, where legislators must decide whether to recommend charging Boluarte for the RolexGate case.

On Tuesday, Boluarte went to testify in the office of prosecutor Juan Carlos Villena about the deactivation of an anti-corruption police team hours before authorities arrested his brother, Nicanor Boluarte, in a case of obstruction of justice.

Previously, Juan Carlos Portugal, the Peruvian president’s lawyer, indicated that his client will remain silent before Villena, although he said that he hopes that the Public Ministry maintains the confidentiality of the case.

Similar to previous summonses, Boluarte arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office building heavily guarded by a police caravan. She did not make any statements to the reporters who were waiting for her outside.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office has extended the investigation against President-designate Dina Boluarte for bribery in the case of Rolex luxury watches, illicit enrichment, and failure to record statements in documents.

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April 26, 2024