Nora Cortiñas, One of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Dies at 94

Nora Cortiñas, One of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Dies at 94

The family of Nora Irma Morales de Cortiña, announced on Thursday her death at the age of 94, and will be remembered as one of the members of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Line Founder in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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The world and regional media have echoed the news, recognizing Nora Morales de Cortiña as a mother who screamed the same thing in front of the cameras with her white scarf on her head and green on her wrist, who played ball, walked with his cane or let himself drive in a wheelchair.

Norita, as she was affectionately recognized, was operated on last May 17 of a hernia that, when combined with other pathologies, “aggravated the picture”.

This Argentine social leader joined the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo after the kidnapping of her son, Gustavo Cortiñas, on April 15, 1977.

#URGENTE # A los 94 fallecio este jueves integrante de Madres de Plaza de Mayo-Linea Fundadora Nora Cortiñas. Luchadora incansable por la defensa de los DDHH, sociales, feministas y obrera. Descansa en paz “Norita”@teleSURtv

— Juan Carlos Bartolotta (@JuanCteleSUR)
May 30, 2024

 The text reads, 

At 94, a member of Madres de Plaza de Mayo-Linea Foundadora Nora Cortiñas died this Thursday. Tireless fighter for the defense of human rights, social, feminist and worker. Rest in peace “Norita”

The Argentine feminist, Mabel Bellucci, who brought her closer to the ranks of the defense of women told the magazine defending the LatFem issue “that militancy treated Norita as a saint, who invoked her in the marches even when she was not there”

Belluci recognized that “it will be difficult not to do so from now on. Although it is known: where there is a struggle, there is Norita”. 

The loss of Norita has caused a worldwide impact and several personalities and social organizations have left their condolences.