Jamaica: Gunman Opens Fire on Innocent, Police Do Nothing

Jamaica: Gunman Opens Fire on Innocent, Police Do Nothing

On Wednesday, at least one person was killed and dozens of other civilians were injured in an armed attack on the town of St Andrew, Jamaica.


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The shooting occurred in the early morning hours, near a bar in the Jamaican city. The mortal victim has not been identified, so has been named by authorities and witnesses as «Kim».

Dozens of people passing through the area were injured, so far it is reported that only one suspect opened fire.

The perpetrator has not been identified, as he was wearing a mask, but the eyewitnesses are not reliable evidence because by the early hours when the shots began they were drunk.

#LatestNews: The St Andrew North police are probing a deadly shooting at a bar along Short wood Road in St Andrew this morning.

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May 22, 2024

Jamaican law enforcement has set up a perimeter and is searching for and apprehending potential suspects, but has no true evidence to limit their search.

Over the last few years, gun violence in Jamaica has become a stable phenomenon, even becoming a problem for the law enforcement forces themselves who did not have adequate equipment to deal with shooters.

Jamaica has requested assistance from several Western powers to provide weapons and bulletproof vests for Jamaican police forces.