Ecuador: Government Acknowledges Persistent Violence in Provinces

Ecuador: Government Acknowledges Persistent Violence in Provinces

On Tuesday, the commander of Ecuador’s National Police, General César Zapata, acknowledged that violence in the provinces of Los Ríos and Manabí remains “out of control”.


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Zapata’s declarations took place during a press conference on Monday to announce the supposed progress of the so-called Security Bloc.

According to Zapata, from 27 May to 2 June, 127 violent deaths were recorded.

Although the figure is less than last year, when 163 cases were reported, it shows that there were an average of 18 violent deaths every day, he said.

However, he insisted that there is a reduction in violent deaths nationwide so far in 2024, 485 fewer murders compared to the same period in 2023, he mentioned.

El comandante de la Policía Nacional de Ecuador, general César Zapata, reconoció hoy que la violencia en las provincias de Los Ríos y Manabí sigue “fuera de control”.@cadenagramonte @FHHernndez1.@YaimyrB @YanetValls72130 @aliciarca @EduardoLpezLey3 @Niu

— Pedro Cruz Moiset (@Pedro_ACM)
June 3, 2024

Even districts as dangerous as Nueva Prosperina in the northwest of Guayaquil have experienced a “significant decrease in this type of crime”, he said.

In the midst of this context, this Sunday, a shooting at a circus in the city of Manta, in Manabí, left three people dead so far.

Among the victims were Cristhian Nieto, alternate assemblyman for the Citizen’s Revolution (RC) movement, his wife Nicole Burgos and another citizen who was shot in the stomach.

Meanwhile, a mother and daughter were killed in the city of Durán, in the province of Guayas, despite the state of emergency recently decreed by the Executive.

This Monday, President Daniel Noboa announced that the National Police Command will move from this capital to Manta temporarily to coordinate actions against organised crime from there.

The president revealed that the Joint Command of the Armed Forces will also move to Manta and announced that in the next few days it will be there and in the city of Guayaquil, to follow up on security actions.

Ecuador is in the midst of a security crisis that Noboa seeks to solve with states of exception and a decree of internal armed conflict to facilitate joint military and police operations against organised crime.

Although official sources claim that the number of violent deaths in the country has decreased, many citizens do not perceive this to be the case and are calling for urgent and comprehensive action against violence.

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