DenouncedMurder of Toledo Councilman in Antioquia, Colombia

DenouncedMurder of Toledo Councilman  in Antioquia, Colombia

The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) of Colombia denounced the murder of the councilor of Toledo (Antioquia), León Eugenio García Jiménez.


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According to the official statement, the body of García Jiménez was found dead on the new bridge of the Vereda de las Margaritas.

According to local media, last February, the National Protection Unit (UNP) proposed a reassessment in his position as councillor due to the level of risk to which he was exposed and «to determine the need for new protection measures».

In addition, Indepaz details that this leader had been threatened by «armed actors» and that he had the «panic button and economic support» by the UNP.

�� #69 Líderes asesinados en 2024

��León Eugenio García Jiménez
�� Fecha:19/05/24
�� Lugar: Toledo, Antioquia

➡️León Eugenio García Jiménez era un reconocido líder comunitario y defensor de DDHH, hermano del actual concejal de Toledo Jorge Mario García Jiménez

— INDEPAZ (@Indepaz)
May 21, 2024

 The text reads, 

#69 Leaders assassinated in 2024 León Eugenio García Jiménez Date:05/19/24 Place: Toledo, Antioquia León Eugenio García Jiménez was a renowned community leader and human rights defender, brother of the current Toledo councilor Jorge Mario García Jiménez

Other Colombian media say that García was a community leader and «member of the communal action board of the Vereda Alcántaro, in the municipality of Toledo,» located north of Antioquia.

In addition, he was a human rights activist, the reason for the threats against him.

In response, the Ombudsman’s Office issued its early warning (AT) 011/23 which includes the municipality of Toledo and AT 019/23 before risks on the life and personal integrity of those who defend human rights individually or collectively from various sectors of the country.

Among the groups operating in the area, Indepaz highlighted the Front 18 and 36 of the Magdalena Medio EMC Bloc, the Gaitanista Army of Colombia (EGC), social gangs and the Seventh Division of the Army.