WyattWear, LLC Launches Fashion-Forward Bib Collection for Adolescents and Adults with Special Needs

SILVER SPRING, Md., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Parents to a teenaged son with cerebral palsy, Robin and Wayne Evans debut…

SILVER SPRING, Md., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Parents to a teenaged son with cerebral palsy, Robin and Wayne Evans debut WyattWear bib collection for adolescents and adults with special needs at www.WyattWear.com.   

WyattWear is recasting the image of the bib into a fashion accessory for individuals with special needs.

Adolescents and adults who drool have had few options for fashionably protecting clothing, and big retailers have overlooked this market segment. People must use baby bibs, rolled-up towels, and bandanas to catch saliva.  Although a part of this population is non-verbal, no one should conclude that these individuals don’t care about their appearance. Robin and Wayne observed a gap in the marketplace and formed WyattWear, which offers an inaugural line of edgy, trendy, and classic styles of bibs. 

«An individual in the special needs community told me she looked and felt childish when wearing her current bib. Our goal is rebuilding confidence and self-esteem by providing fashionable alternatives,» Robin Williams Evans said.

The Collection

The debut collection features high-end, absorbent cotton flannels paired with faux leather and microsuede. The lining is a uniquely engineered fabric that captures and distributes moisture with superior holding capacity. Fashion is stunningly woven into functionality to create an accessory that protects clothing.  «I feel like a fashionista,» a WyattWear customer said.

About Robin and Wayne Evans

Robin and Wayne are parents to Wyatt, a teenager with cerebral palsy. Robin is a consultant and author of «Living a Happy Life with a Special-Needs Child,» and Wayne is a psychologist in private practice. They both believe all individuals have the right to be stylish, so they formed WyattWear to provide high-end, fashion-forward bibs for individuals with special needs.


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