Venezuelan President Calls to Defeat the Right in Elections

Venezuelan President Calls to Defeat the Right in Elections

On Saturday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on citizens to defeat the right-wing in the upcoming presidential elections on July 28.


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The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) held a meeting in the state of Zulia to unify criteria regarding the tasks required to win the presidential elections.

At that meeting, Maduro urged socialist militants to fine-tune “the 1×10 machinery,” meaning the political work method in which each militant seeks to attract the sympathy of 10 voters toward the socialist candidates.

“We have to go house to house, community to community, parish to parish, to build the most powerful electoral machinery ever seen in the history of Venezuela. The 1×10 will guarantee a victory with peace and stability to reaffirm the country’s independence and the growth of the new economic model and the recovery of social policies,” he said.

“The victory is ours because hope is in the streets… We are the way, the truth, and the life. God is with us, and we will win. Let’s go for the 1×10!” Maduro emphasized.

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The struggle is between…

— Samuel Moncada (@SMoncada_eng)
May 18, 2024

On July 28, Maduro will compete with nine opposition candidates in the race for the presidency of the republic. During the meeting with PSUV militants, the Bolivarian leader recalled the harmful role that the right-wing opposition has played in Venezuelan development.

“They have done great harm to the country. They are the ones who have requested sanctions against Venezuela. They have asked the Americans to invade the country militarily,” he said, warning that the right-wing will be more harmful if they win the elections.

“As rulers, they will be worse because they forget the people and never see them again. They only appear in electoral campaigns to ask citizens for their votes.”

“What did the right-wing do in five years with power in the National Assembly? Did they help the people? Did they help with the economy? They requested sanctions and invasions and deceived their own followers by fostering shortages. The one who ended the shortages was Nicolas Maduro through work, production, innovation, and intelligence,” the Venezuelan President said.

#INVIDEO | President Nicolás Maduro at a mass rally in Carabobo state, #Venezuela.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
May 31, 2024

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