Venezuelan Candidates Agree to Respect the Presidential Election Results

Among other things, they also committed to compete in an environment of respect and peace.

In a ceremony held in Caracas on Thursday, 8 out of 10 Venezuelan presidential candidates signed an agreement committing to recognize the results of the elections to be held on July 28.


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In reading the text of the agreement, Elvis Amoroso, the President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), indicated that the candidates acquired the following commitments:

1) Act in strict compliance with the Constitution, the law of the electoral function, the law of electoral processes, and other regulations that govern the electoral process in progress.

2) Recognize the electoral function as the only legitimate and competent authority for the organization, administration, direction, and surveillance of the presidential election on July 28.

3) Recognize that the CNE has been complying with the electoral guarantees in each phase of the process provided for in the electoral schedule and validate the results issued by the electoral function, respecting the popular will expressed through the vote, in accordance with the provisions of the Barbados and Caracas Agreements.

???? Maduro llegó al CNE para firmar el Acuerdo Político de reconocimiento de los resultados de las elecciones presidenciales del 28 de julio.


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The text reads, “Maduro arrived at the CNE to sign the political agreement to recognize the results of the presidential elections of July 28.”

4) Compete in an environment of respect, peace, and democratic participation so that violent or destabilizing acts that could threaten the country’s well-being do not interfere with or ignore the citizen’s will during the July 28 elections or later.

5) Request that the governments of the world respect the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela.

6) Comply with the duty to honor and defend the homeland, demanding the absolute lifting of the unilateral coercive sanctions imposed against the Venezuelan people.

7) Strengthen national sovereignty, democratic stability, governability, full respect for human rights, guarantees in electoral processes, cooperation in the face of the existing economic-social situation, the constitutional rule of law, the full development of the political rights, and democracy.

This political agreement was signed by 8 out of 10 presidential candidates: Luis Martinez, Daniel Ceballos, Antonio Ecarri, Benjamin Rausseo, Jose Brito, Claudio Fermin, Javier Bertucci, and President Nicolas Maduro.

Two right-wing opposition candidates, Edmundo Gonzalez and Enrique Marquez, were not present at the agreement signing ceremony on Thursday.

El presidente Nicolás Maduro afirma que el documento suscrito entre candidatos ante el CNE «va en la línea perfecta» del Acuerdo de Barbados y el acuerdo de Caracas. #20Jun

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The text reads, “President Nicolas Maduro affirms that the document signed by the candidates before the CNE ‘is perfectly aligned’ with the Barbados Agreement and the Caracas Agreement.”

After signing the agreement, President Maduro highlighted the importance of the aforementioned commitments so that the Venezuelan economy can develop in the midst of a calm social environment.

“We will always sign everything favoring peace and stability of Venezuela… If one registers in a competition, one must respect the referee,” he said, alluding to the need to respect the CNE authorities.

“NO to violence! This signature is against the guarimba,” the Bolivarian leader said, referring to the urban violent actions carried out by the far-right opposition.

The Venezuelan president stated that some opposition candidates did not sign the agreement because the far-right politicians “like to use electoral processes to hang themselves on violence.”

“Enough of sabotage and conspiracies! Venezuela wants and deserves peace of mind to think about the future,” Maduro stressed.

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Sources: CNE – EFE

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