Venezuela To Generate Solar Energy With Support From China, India, Türkiye

Municipal-level energy generation will strengthen the national electrical system, President Maduro pointed out.

On Thursday, President Maduro announced that Venezuela will carry out a mega electrical plan in the state of Mérida with the support of China, India, and Türkiye.


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“We have an ambitious plan to generate 3,000 megawatts with solar energy and strengthen self-generation in the Venezuelan andes, the area most affected by the U.S. economic war,” he pointed out during a meeting of the National Productive Economy Council carried out in the Los Andes region.

“With China, India, and Türkiye, we have maintained discussions to strengthen municipal-level self-generation of electricity. This will strengthen the national electrical system so that it can never be sabotaged again,” the Bolivarian leader said, adding that his administration also aims to recover the country’s road and highway system.

“There are many hard and difficult tasks. However, as we take them on and solve them, we will fill ourselves with love for the homeland and feel the greatest satisfaction possible: serving the people of Venezuela,” he mentioned, stressing that the Venezuelan subnational economies are recovering their strength and productive capacities.

“I am happy when we see the economic growth indicators, the defeat of hyperinflation, and the stability of the exchange system,” the Venezuelan president said.

#Gobierno || Presidente Maduro: Ando en una peregrinación diaria con el amor del pueblo

Este jueves, el presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, participó en una concentración en El Vigía, estado Mérida, para respaldar su candidatura a los comicios del 28 de julio.

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The text reads, “President Maduro: I am on a daily pilgrimage with the love of the people. On Thursday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, took part in a rally in El Vigia, in the state of Merida, to support his candidacy for the elections on July 28.”

“If we see the sustainable growth of agribusiness and commerce, which happened in the midst of the worst circumstances, then what will come will be great: Venezuela will build itself economically,” he stressed, adding that the Welfare State will be fully restored.

“We will continue advancing in the recovery of public education and health services… Nothing will be privatized. Together with the entrepreneurs, we will build three million homes for those families who need them,” Maduro said.

“The Los Andes region has resisted hard. I thank you for so much moral and combative strength,” the Bolivarian leader said, emphasizing that one of the tasks of the new stage is the construction of a “truly republican, democratic, and efficient state.”

The Bolivarian leader indicated that Venezuela will head towards the construction of a new economic model for the generation of foreign currency through a diversification of exports to emerging markets.

“Currently, we have political independence because we have no foreign masters. We are not subservient to any empire, nor do we take orders from anyone. We are free, independent, and sovereign,” he emphasized during his visit to Merida, where the population received him warmly and enthusiastically.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held a meeting with members of the National Council of Productive Economy. He highlighted the continued growth of the diversified national economy despite the 930 imperialist sanctions.

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Source: VTV – Venezuelan Vice Presidency

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