Venezuela Rejects Javier Milei’s Statements on the Coup Attempt in Bolivia

On June 26, Bolivia was shaken by a coup attempt perpetrated by a group of high-ranking military officers led by Gen. Zuñiga.

On Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil issued a statement pointing out that Venezuela rejects the claims of the Argentine Presidency that are aligned with the self-coup narrative in Bolivia.


Bolivian President Rejects Self-Coup Narrative Make by Fascist elements

“Venezuela categorically rejects Javier Milei’s repugnant statement issued on June 30, whereby he pretends to ignore the coup attempt in Bolivia, feeding a narrative created by the Latin American right, which seeks to whitewash the faces of the criminals who tried to overthrow the legitimate President Luis Arce,” the Bolivarian statement said.

“This dark neo-Nazi character is used as a pawn of macabre interests trying to impose fascism as a political tendency in our region through a ridiculous voice, which is inflated by the lie that spreads through social networks and the complicit media.”

“Venezuela reiterates the call to condemn this and any other coup attempt in our Latin America, a call which was made unanimously by the South American countries, including, by the way, Argentina itself, a fact that unfortunately is unknown by the one who claims to govern this country,” the Venezuelan diplomacy concluded.

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A failed coup attempt in Bolivia by US-backed General Juan José Zúñiga.

Bolivia, a dramatic coup attempt aimed at President Luis Arce was stopped in its tracks.

Armored vehicles smashed into the government palace, yet Arce stood strong, swiftly replacing the…

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On June 26, Bolivia was shaken by a coup attempt perpetrated by a group of high-ranking military officers led by Gen. Juan Zuñiga who sought to overthrow President Luis Arce.

The conspirators attempted to take control of several public institutions and key facilities in the city of La Paz, among which were the Government headquarters in Murillo Square and some media outlets.

So far, official investigations have shown that the coup d’état was planned since May. Twenty-one soldiers and civilians involved in the events have been arrested.

Among them is Gen. Marcelo Zegarra who declared before the Prosecutor’s Office that Gen. Zuñiga assured that he had the support of the United States, Libya, and the European Community.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | Bolivia: The anticorruption courtroom ordered preventive detention for three armed forces former chiefs, accused of participating in the attempted coup d’etat. The court of Anti-corruption and violence against women was in charge of the procedural act.

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