Uruguay Allows COVID-19 Infected Residents To Entry The Country

Uruguay Allows COVID-19 Infected Residents To Entry The Country

On Tuesday, the Uruguayan government approved the exceptional entry into the country of national and foreign residents infected with COVID-19 who wish to keep quarantine at their homes.


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“We must show solidarity with these compatriots, who were infected on their holidays’ travels and are passing the disease abroad with uncertainty and high economic expenses,” Health Ministry Daniel Salinas stated.

Once the persons concerned enter the country, they must arrive at their places of residence via a private vehicle and comply with the mandatory quarantine for at least 15 days.

Although Uruguay reported a daily average of 7,500 COVID-19 cases over the last week, Salinas stressed that this measure will not present many risks to the population, 77,2 percent of which has already been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Most COVID booster doses administered per 100 people:
���� Chile 61
���� Iceland 57
���� Malta 56
���� Denmark 55
���� UK 53
���� Israel 52
���� Bahrain 51
���� Ireland 49
���� Singapore 47
���� Belgium 46
���� Uruguay 46
���� Germany 45
���� Austria 44
���� S. Korea 43
���� Italy 41
���� Greece 40
���� France 39 pic.twitter.com/Jy0VnKuoot

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January 13, 2022

On Dec. 29, Uruguay confirmed the arrival of the Omicron strain, which national scientists hope will cause more contagions but less severe symptoms, as it did in other countries.

“Despite this reality, we must continue to comply with the COVID-19 preventive measures to avoid irresponsible contagions or an unnecessary collapse of the health system,” Salinas pointed out.

As of Jan. 14, this South American country had reported 483,820 coronavirus cases and 6,211 related deaths, six of which occurred in the last 24 hours.

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January 4, 2022

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