Türkiye Stands In Solidarity With Lebanon in Face of Danger of Israeli Aggression

He urged other nations in the area to support Beirut and questioned Western powers supporting Netanyahu’s war plans.

The President of Türkiye, Recep Tayip Erdogan said on Wednesday that his country is in solidarity with Lebanon in the face of the danger of another Israeli aggression against the cedar nation in revenge for the anti-Zionist operations launched from there by the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah.

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During a meeting in Ankara with deputies from his Justice and Development Party (AK), the head of state invited other nations in the region to support Lebanon, particularly the Islamic and Middle Eastern countries.

He said that after devastating the Gaza Strip and massacring its population, with 37,718 Palestinians killed since October 7, the Zionist entity now looks to Lebanon.

He condemned that the Western powers support Israel behind the scenes and warned that «the plans of (Benjamin) Netanyahu to extend the war throughout the region will lead to a great catastrophe». He reiterated that the first reaction of rejection to these bloody plans must emanate from the Islamic world and the countries of the Middle East.

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— Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (@RTErdogan) June 26, 2024

It is «extremely terrible and pathetic that states that talk about freedom, human rights and justice are captive of a madman like Netanyahu», questioned Erdogan in reference to the US. and the European Union.

He added that Turkey will continue its diplomatic efforts to get more countries to recognize the Palestinian state. He appreciated that this is the most effective step to deal with the arrogance and contempt of the Zionist entity for international laws.

On 20 June, the Israeli high command approved an offensive plan against southern Lebanon to confront Hezbollah, which has been attacking the Israeli military, its command centres, weapons factories and settlements in the northern occupied Palestinian territories since 7 October.