Transition Government Replaces the Haitian National Police Head

The Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) of the Republic of Haiti, in conjunction with the Prime Minister, Conille Garry, agreed to dismiss the head of the National Police, Frantz Elbe, so that Normil Rameau can take office again, in the midst of the country’s crisis of violence.


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Although the decision will come into effect after the publication of the Conille decree and the CPT, a spokesman for the Head of Government’s office confirmed the news by telephone. Meanwhile, the Office of Citizen Protection, an independent national institution for the protection and promotion of human rights, greeted the new director general of the Haitian National Police (PNH).

In this context, the Ombudsman’s Office has already asked Normil to draw up a plan to control gangs and improve the police force as a matter of urgency. He also asked for explanations about the murders and the escape of 4,500 prisoners under the indifference of the internal authorities.

Haitian leaders oust police chief and appoint a new one as gang violence claims officers’ lives.

Frantz Elbé, the director of Haiti’s National Police, was ousted by Haitian leaders due to criticism of not protecting officers from gang assaults.

Normil Rameau, a former police…

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During the mandate of former President Jovenel Moïse, Normil directed the main security agency of Haiti and, was replaced at the end of 2020 by not guaranteeing internal order.

Back then, he was relieved by Leon Charles. Now, Normil will assume a force with 4,000 service agents in a country of more than 11 million inhabitants, while facing armed military groups.

“Elbe’s results at the head of the police are catastrophic (…) He spent all his time establishing relationships with gangs, reinforcing them and preventing the police from doing their job and risking their lives», said the executive director of the National Human Rights Network, Pierre Esperance, to the news agency Reuters.

According to a recent survey by the Network, a total of 20 agents have been killed so far this year and more than 320 deaths in the sector since 2015.

In the period under review, officials have reported late payments, insufficient training, harassment and threats of dismissal, injuries, and lack of resources to work.

The appointment of Normil Rameau takes place while the new prime minister forms his cabinet and assumes the responsibilities of the government.