Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Eight Persons in Moscow Building

One of the injured is in serious condition in intensive care and is connected to an artificial respirator.

At least eight people died on Monday in a fire in a building located in the north-east of Moscow, Russian emergency services reported.

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“The rescuers managed to evacuate a person», who is in severe intensive care, with assisted breathing, said the governor of the province of Moscow, Andrei Vorobiov.

He also indicated on his Telegram channel that 16 fire trucks came to the scene.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a Ka-32 fire helicopter was added to the work of extinction.

At least eight people are dead after a fire in an office building in the city of Fryazino outside Moscow on Monday, according to Russian emergency services.

— Sky News (@SkyNews) June 24, 2024

The fire spread from the fifth to the eighth floor, occupying an area of around 4,500 meters»

Two firefighters requested medical assistance due to poisoning from combustion products, but after a medical examination they refused to be hospitalized. Their lives are safe.