The “Vinotinto” Gives Venezuela Its First Victory of the America’s Cup 2024

The Venezuelan football team participating in this 2024 America’s Cup triumphed yesterday against Ecuador in a 2-0 outcome in favor of the “vinotinta,” as the fans call the Caribbean country’s team.


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In the first half, the Ecuadorian team showed its speed by the bands and generated tension to the Venezuelan team. However, the expulsion of player Enner Valencia in the 22nd minute, changed the course of the game and managed to allow “Vinotinto” to more accurately develop their playing skills.

But in the second half the Venezuelan team attacked with determination and drew thanks to a quick kick that culminated with a goal by Jhonder Cádiz. Soon after, Salomón Rondón headed to the goal and after rebounding the Ecuadorian goalkeeper, Eduard Bello was attentive to finish and fit the goal of the victory.

With this victory Venezuela leads the group B with trhee points and the national selection prepares to face Mexico on June 26.

Así celebraron os jugadores de Venezuela ???????? sus primeros 3 puntos ✅ tras la gran victoria por 2-1 sobre Ecuador ????????. Esa fue la 1era vez en la historia de la Copa América ???? que la ‘vinotinto’ ha remotado y ganado un partido ⚽????.

— Luis Eduardo Jacome (@LuisEduJacome) June 23, 2024

The Venezuelanpresident Nicolás Maduro, extended his congratulations to the national team, for starting on the right foot in the international football competition.

Head of State through his social network account X, expressed: “Tremendous victory for Venezuela! Our National Team, Vinotinto has started with good foot the America’s Cup 2024. What a beautiful uniform and worthy representation we have. Congratulations boys, you have played like never before. Our Homeland embraces you all. Go on! Blessings!”.