The Strategy of Maintaining Hegemony Is Doomed to Failure: Sergey Lavrov

The Russian Chancellor stressed that attempting to go against Russia would also be doomed to failure. 

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Wednesday described as failures the efforts of the United States Government that seek to maintain the status of global domination by making use of political actions against an international community that has opted for its own policies.
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There is no doubt that this strategy of maintaining hegemony at all costs is doomed to failure. Although in the near future the United States will remain one of the world centers, and it is likely to be so,” underlined the senior Slavic official in the context of the Primakov Readings in Moscow.

“That doesn’t mean that this happens within the framework of preserving the US-centered world order», he added.

Moreover, he said that “in general, the aspirations and trends that we observe in the practical policy of the Biden Administration are not new, whether it is the condemned ideas of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia”.

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In addition, according to the diplomat, “a rather naive desire to contain at the same time Moscow and Beijing, and now also the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Following this line, Lavrov emphasized the number of countries, mainly from the regions of Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, who are committed to a foreign policy design that does not depend on the US empire and for this they have carried out actions that allow this gradual liberation of the influence of the West.

In keeping with this global purpose, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that The outline of a more equitable, multipolar and polycentric architecture” was headed and at the same time indicated that “this objective process has accelerated, notably with the start of the special military operation in Ukraine in 2022”.