The Right Plans to Destabilize the Venezuelan Electrical System: President Maduro

Since the oligarchy feels its electoral loss, it bets on harming the country.

On Monday night, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced the existence of new far-right plans to destabilize the National Electric System (SEN).


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“In recent weeks they have focused on those plans intensely. I have the evidence in hand,” he said, referring to a video of a recent sabotage against the electrical system carried out in Margarita, in the state of Nueva Esparta.

“I have firsthand information about the secret conversations within fascist groups preparing an offensive against the electric system. They want an electrical war to cause an event that harms the climate of peace, tranquility, and happiness, which is characterizing the ongoing electoral process,” the Venezuelan president said during his TV program “With Maduro +”.

“Since they feel their loss, they bet on harming the country. The first thing they want to do is affect the communities where electoral preferences in favor of Chavismo exceed 80 percent,” he added.

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«Wanting to hurt us, you hurt yourselves… We are not a gringo colony.»

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“However, they don’t know our people’s strength, resistance, and awareness,” Maduro stressed and announced that several perpetrators of the attacks on the electrical system are already captured and are being prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office. He also ordered the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to implement a 24-hour surveillance plan at all vital electricity installations.

“No one will steal our right to peace, I assure you!… Venezuela will be at peace before, during, and after the elections on July 28. Rain or shine, on that day, the people will vote and experience a democratic celebration,” Maduro said and recalled that the far-right called for the imposition of coercive measures against the country.

“They took away 99 percent of our income. But we are already recovering oil production and reaching one million barrels per day with our own effort, work, and technology,” he highlighted.

“If the United States wants oil, its investors are welcome. But Venezuelan oil will be sold at market price and we will guarantee security and logistics. The oil is Venezuelan,” Maduro said, emphasizing his country’s sovereignty over its natural resources.

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