The Grandpa “Good Guy” That the US Wants for Venezuela

The Grandpa “Good Guy” That the US Wants for Venezuela

Behind the calm and good-natured grandfather figure that has been fabricated for the candidate that the opposition inscribed by Machado, with that “innocent” giggle and his “conciliatory” speech, hides the plan with which the United States, hand in hand with the national extremist opposition, seeks to once again seize power in Venezuela. And it persists in that purpose, not only to try to put its hand back to Venezuelan oil but also to recover space for its geostrategic interests in the region and prevent Latin America from inserting itself in the transition to a multipolar world.

The imperial ingenuity noticeably touched after successive and notorious failures, now experiences by the electoral route, illusioning the followers of the PUD, even those who might be fed up with the confrontation, with the idea that political violence, perpetrated for 24 years against the people, the State and its institutions, will cease if the chosen septuagenary comes to power. That everything will be “peace and love”, just as Ramos Allup did when they won a majority in the National Assembly.

After the burning barajitas of Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó and María Corina Machado, protagonists of the plan of coup in slow motion but with a lot of violence, Washington removes from the shadows this opposition candidate, who lies by stammering his own biography, showing himself as a being “Unpolluted”, alien to traditional politics, when it has been and is part of the Adeco-Copeyano agreement, which for 4 decades was distributed to the country and mortgaged its future to big transnational capital, under a covert and systematic violation of Human Rights.

He has tried to conceal that he maintains close relations of friendship with representatives of the old Venezuelan politics, from Manuel Rosales to Henry Ramos Allup, who have also acted in line with American objectives and today support him with their parties.

One of the irrefutable evidences of the participation of the US in the election of the candidate of the Venezuelan extremist right is the public plea made by Francisco Palmieri, head of the US Foreign Office for Venezuela and ambassador to Colombia, to the government of Nicolás Maduro to “allow Edmundo González Urrutia to be the candidate of the entire Venezuelan democratic opposition”.

The Venezuelan radical right aspires to make the people forget their image of a coup leader with the “face of I was not” of a man who poses as unsuspected to ambition for power, a moderate outsider, academic and diplomatically correct, but unable to conceal that his script also comes from the North.

Thus the old man machaconamente points out that when he becomes president of Venezuela, there will be a “democratic and peaceful transition”, a textual promise made by the State Department, in a myriad of public statements launched since 2016, when he asked for early elections while burning the streets of the country.

On the other hand, the internuncio grandfather of the gringos has said that, once he is seated in Miraflores, he will release all the “political prisoners” demand of the United States to leave unpunished the 43 deaths, 3 thousand wounded and 20 billion material losses by attacks on hospitals, CDI, nurseries, and other public institutions.

Its harmony with the US is confirmed by the fact that the “angelic” old man has not condemned the coercive measures exercised by the interventionist and extortionist machinery of the empire on Venezuela, with the purpose of hindering the exercise of governance and promoting its policy of regime change, causing death and pain to Venezuelans.

 The diplomatic spirit that seeks to exploit the decadent candidate of the Venezuelan empire and right, worried about “restoring” democracy in the country, collapses when in its trajectory we find that being paid by the Venezuelan state, According to diplomatic sources cited by Diosdado Cabello, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the US interventionist plans in Latin America would have provided services to the disgraceful and bloodthirsty. Despite its seriousness, this accusation has not been denied by the candidate or the parties he represents.

The same denunciation states that González Urrutia “was captured by the CIA in November 1976, being a diplomat of the Venezuelan embassy in the US, just when the Condor Plan applied its strategy of transnational state terrorism against the continental progressive movement. As a reward for his valuable contribution to gringo interests, he would have been sent to the Venezuelan embassy in El Salvador, between 1979 and 1984, as minister counselor to the then Ambassador Leopoldo Castillo, accused of participating in “Operation Centauro”led by the CIA and organized from the Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters in the Central American country, between 1981 and 1983.

Enemy of Venezuela inside and outside

Between 2013 and 2015 Edmundo González was the international representative of the Table of Democratic Unity, (MUD) platform that brings together the parties of the non-democratic opposition that today supports him, and that in that period promoted maneuvers for the ignorance of President Nicolás Maduro on an international scale.

In addition, it supported proposals by countries hostile to the Bolivarian government, such as the Canadian one, and motivated within the Organization of American States (OAS) the interference and application of the Democratic Charter in the country. Since 2015, he belongs to the international editorial board of the newspaper El Nacional, a propaganda organ of the violent opposition and in 2020 the “apolitical grandfather” assumed the presidency of the MUD.

The opposition candidate is also deputy director and coordinator of the International System Monitoring Working Group of the Fermín Toro Institute for Parliamentary Studies, pointed out by the PSUV as one of the sixty-two NGOs operating in the country for absolutely political purposes and financed by other governments, including the United States.

González participated in the 54th meeting of the Americas at the think tanks American Society – Council of The Americas (AS/COA) together with Machado, where they spoke with Chris Dodd -Joe Biden’s advisor for Latin America- and Brian A Nichols -undersecretary of the State Department-on the electoral process in Venezuela and its impact on regional geopolitics.

He does not hide his affinity with the government of Washington which he considers a “fundamental ally” and proposes as a priority in a hypothetical government, “rebuild a normal diplomatic relationship” with that nation. However, it is ambiguous with regard to Venezuela’s interests, because, although it recognizes the Geneva Agreement of 1966 as the only valid instrument for resolving the country’s territorial dispute over the Esequiba Guiana, it rejects the creation of a new state, the Essequibo state approved by the people in a consultative referendum.

He has not said anything about Machado’s proposal to privatize PDVSA. Perhaps because of the political and electoral costs involved, it prefers to keep hidden the plan of privatization of the oil industry, public services and other strategic sectors, which would imply the dismantling of the Bolivarian Revolution.

In short, the candidacy of Edmundo González represents the loss of political, economic and geographical sovereignty of Venezuela, and the strongest bet of the United States to become the largest oil reserves in the world.

On a global South scale, the triumph of the PUD candidate, the MUD, “of “the plush”, would also give the empire the opportunity to avoid Venezuela’s entry into the BRICS, which would deal a severe blow to the progressive and anti-imperialist forces that are already building a multipolar world from the region.

If Edmundo González wins, the United States will govern in Venezuela and in the face of this challenge chavismo, as a sentiment embodied by the country’s great majorities, with its only candidate, Nicolás Maduro Moros, must appeal to the conscience of the people, irreducible legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez.

It will be necessary to reposition in the memory of the people who are behind the “surprise”, “naive” and almost silly face of the candidate of the empire and the right extremist Creole.

It is the violent opposition, refused to accept the rules of the democratic game, which now pretends to present itself as an alternative political force, united only circumstantially, without knowing how to take center stage again, because it does not have a country project. Devoid of origin and popular support, it continues to be remotely directed by the United States that does have a clear geopolitical strategy: defend the hope of Venezuelans to continue advancing on the path of equality, development and social justice and impose their neoliberal adjustment plans that support and promote the unipolar model of absolute subordination to American interests.

Rosario Pacheco – Journalist