TeleSUR Team Attacked by Argentine Police During a Coverage

TeleSUR Team Attacked by Argentine Police During a Coverage

The Buenos Aires City Police, In Argentina, on Friday morning, he assaulted the news team of teleSUR covering a peaceful protest in solidarity with the mobilizations of thousands of workers who have spent more than a week in the province of Misiones, in the northeast of that country.


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While taking images of trade unionists in the Argentine capital, a police officer sprayed the cameraman Cristian Ibarra directly in the eyes, at close range and with pepper spray, and caused considerable damage.

Images released by our news team show Ibarra lying on the ground after the attack, while he lamented the pain and was attended by others.

Our correspondent, Juan Carlos Bartolotta, narrated that despite the affectation the young man kept filming the mobilization, called by the Central de Trabajadores de Argentina Autónoma (CTA Autónoma) in solidarity with protests by workers from various sectors in the province of Misiones.

En una actitud incomprensible y mientras se desarrollaba una protesta convocada por la CTA-Autonoma, efectivos de la guardia de infanteria del gobierno de la ciudad agredio con gas pimienta a nuestro camarografo Cristian Ibarra. El video de la agresión.@teleSURtv

— Juan Carlos Bartolotta (@JuanCteleSUR)
May 24, 2024

 The text reads, 

In an incomprehensible attitude and while a protest called by the CTA-Autonoma was taking place, members of the city government’s infantry guard attacked our cameraman Cristian Ibarra with pepper spray. The video of the attack

The assault came from troops of an infantry corps sending to deter the demonstrators. No one is held responsible, Bartolotta said during the transmission, while images of a cash with a gas canister were shown on his belt.

One trade unionist, a witness to the attack, said the troops unnecessarily assaulted media workers and trade unionists.

He accused the head of the Government of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, of the repressive act. He stressed that the agents had no need to act with violence because the mobilization took place peacefully, did not include street cuts and allowed the normal flow of traffic.

For more than a week, employees of Education, Health, Police and other sectors in Missions have been mobilized to demand wage improvements and the payment of salaries due.