Slovenia Limits the Right of Assembly After Attack on Prime Minister

Gatherings will be prohibited in the vicinity of Parliament or other buildings where senior officials reside or work.

On Wednesday, the TA3 network reported that the government of Slovakia, whose Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot a month ago, decided to limit the right of assembly, so it will determine where demonstrations or protests cannot take place.


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The council of ministers of the coalition of left-wing and ultra-nationalist forces approved the measure in a bill that will be presented to Parliament for adoption through urgent procedures.

The proposed text establishes that meetings should be prohibited not only near the headquarters of Parliament, but also in the vicinity of buildings where heads of state, government and courts reside or work, or near the residences of key politicians or other people who are the reason for the protest.

In the past there have been protests in front of the home of President Zuzana Caputova, the prime minister or the former prime minister Igor Matovic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were also protests in front of the homes of well-known doctors.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who survived multiple gunshot wounds in an assassination attempt on the 15th of May, has released an address to the world, blaming in part, George Soros, for this. Soros is planning the same for PM #NarendraModi

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The bill also expands the grounds for prohibiting an announced meeting and increases fines for some violations against the right of assembly.

“We want to calm the situation in the area of ​​assembly. Even though citizens have the constitutionally guaranteed right to peaceful assembly, this is often not respected. We have decided that it is prohibited to disrupt peaceful assembly,” said Vice President Robert Kaliňák .

The bill plans to strengthen the powers of the civil secret service SIS so that it can obtain and evaluate information about possible threats to politicians and other people protected by the State.

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Source: EFE

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