Shipwrecks Off Italian Coast Leave 11 Dead and 66 People Missing

Nearly 1,000 people have died or disappeared crossing the Mediterranean so far this year, and 3,155 in 2023.

On Monday, two shipwrecks occurred off the Italian coasts, killing at least 11 migrants, while another 66 remain missing. A search and rescue operation by Italy’s coast guard is ongoing in the Mediterranean, hours after two migrant boats encountered problems near the Italian coasts.


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A merchant ship conducted the initial rescue after launching an SOS call as it discovered a wooden sailboat in distress some 120 miles off the coast of Calabria. This ship rescued 12 people and assisted them until an Italian oast guard vessel arrived. One woman died shortly after disembarkation due to severe medical conditions.

“Searches for possible survivors of the shipwreck of the sailing boat continue,” the Coast Guard said, adding that two Italian patrol boats and an ATR42 aircraft were currently involved in the search, and another patrol ship with medical teams on board would soon join them in the area.

As of Monday evening, no more survivors have been found. The 66 people who are feared dead include 26 minors. According to the survivors, the sailing boat departed from Turkey last week, carrying migrants and refugee seekers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Due naufragi di migranti in poche ore nel Mediterraneo, il primo in Calabria e il secondo a sud di Lampedusa. 26 bambini tra i dispersi in mare, drammatico il racconto dei sopravvissuti

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The text reads, “In the space of few hours, two immigrant shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, the first in Calabria and the second one south of Lampedusa. Twenty-six children are lost at sea. The story of the survivors is dramatic.”

Italian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the shipwreck, the latest in a long string of deadly incidents involving economic migrants and refugees attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean.

In an earlier incident, a rescue ship with the German aid group Resqship found 10 migrants dead and managed to save 51 others on board a boat in distress off the waters of Malta, not far from Lampedusa, Italy’s southernmost island.

The survivors were mainly from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, and Syria. The ship was ordered by the Italian Interior Ministry to dock in Lampedusa, where survivors would receive assistance.

Migrants traveling by boat through the central Mediterranean Sea face dangerous conditions and high mortality rates due to weather conditions and poor-quality vessels. Nearly one thousand people have died or disappeared crossing the Mediterranean so far this year, and 3,155 in 2023, according to the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | Considered the deadliest routes known, until November 2,499 people died or disappeared in the Mediterranean (28,248 since 2014), according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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Source: Xinhua

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