Russian Defenses Thwart Massive Ukrainian Attack With Drones

At least 87 unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted and destroyed in the airspace of six Russian provinces.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that its units intercepted at least 87 Ukrainian attack drones in the country’s airspace between Thursday night and early this Friday.


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Through a statement, the Defense Ministry specified that two drones were destroyed in the province of Belgorod, two in Volgograd, six in Voronezh, six in Kursk, 70 in the province of Rostov-on-Don and one on the Crimean republic.

The portfolio stressed that thanks to the work of the anti-aircraft defense this massive attack perpetrated by the Ukrainian armed forces, which it described as a terrorist, was prevented from succeeding.

Through his social networks, the governor of Voronezh, Alexandr Gusev, said that no victims or substantial material damage are reported in that territory.


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He added that fragments of drones intercepted in the district of Liski «caused minor damage to an inoperative tank of a fuel tank».

Defense recalled that during recent months Ukraine launched drone strikes against civilian targets in the Russian provinces on the border, as well as oil refineries and fuel depots.

The Ukrainian military has also carried out attacks on energy installations further away from the border line, such as in the provinces of Nizhny Novgorod, Baskortostan and Tatarstan.