Russia To Modify Its Military and Nuclear Doctrines

‘Nuclear deterrence plays a crucial role in our security system,’ Russian diplomat Ryabkov stated.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov confirmed that his country has begun reviewing its military and nuclear doctrines to adapt them to new global geopolitical situations.


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“The international situation shows a trend towards further deterioration. Nuclear deterrence plays a crucial role in our security system. This is indisputable and known to all,” he said.

“An analysis of the West’s behavior in connection with the war in Ukraine shows that some parameters of the Russian nuclear doctrine need to be clarified,” Ryabkov also emphasized.

“It is necessary to clarify certain parameters that are applicable in situations described both in the military doctrine and in the foundations of state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence.”

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Ahead of the #NATO summit in Washington, the alliance continues to ratchet up its propaganda rhetoric with regard to #Russia. The bloc’s officials and the leadership of member countries are constantly talking about the threat of a Russian attack on the Baltic…

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“The work is underway. It is not yet finished,” the Russian diplomat said without specifying the exact timeline for the introduction of these modifications, though he stressed that “everyone must understand that we approach this matter with the utmost responsibility.”

Previously, during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rule out changes in the military and nuclear doctrines.

“The doctrine is a living instrument, and we closely monitor what happens in the world around us. We do not rule out introducing some changes to this doctrine,” he said in response to a question about the Western authorization for Ukraine to use NATO-supplied weaponry countries against targets on Russian territory.

In a recent interview with leaders of major international news agencies, Putin stated that the current military doctrine contemplates the use of nuclear weapons only “in extraordinary cases,” that is, if the very existence of the Russian state is threatened.

“I do not believe we are in that situation. There is no such need,” he affirmed, recalling that Russia has several times more tactical nuclear weapons in its arsenal than Europe and that these are “three to four times more powerful” than those the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Sources: EFE – Interfax

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