Russia Thwarted Ukrainian Attempt to Hijack Its Strategic Bomber

The Russian defense ministry rejected that its missiles had hit civilian facilities in Kiev.

On Monday, Federal Security Service (FSB) said that Russia stopped an attempt by the Ukrainian special services to organize a hijack of a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber abroad.


Russian S-350 Air Defense System Effectively Intercepts Western Missiles

The FSB also found the involvement of NATO special services in preparing and implementing the operation. The Ukrainian intelligence planned to recruit a Russian military pilot for a monetary reward and the promise of Italian citizenship to persuade him to fly and land the missile carrier in Ukraine.

During the operation, the Russian counterintelligence also received information that helped to deliver a fire strike at a Ukrainian air base.

The Tu-22M3 is a long-range supersonic missile carrier bomber with variable-sweep wings designed to strike sea and land targets with guided missiles and bombs. It can carry both nuclear and conventional bombs and missiles.

So an American Patriot air defense missile, fired by Ukraine, just happened to hit a children’s hospital the day before a NATO summit?

I’m sure that was an accident? ????

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On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry rejected Ukrainian accusations that a Russian Kh-101 strategic cruise missile had hit the Ojmatdit children’s hospital in Kiev, leaving two health workers dead and seven people injured.

“The Kiev regime has been throwing these types of tantrums for years and always does so before a meeting of its NATO sponsors. Kiev authorities’ accusations about a deliberate attack with Russian missiles against civilian targets are absolutely false,” the Russian authorities emphasized.

“The missile that hit the hospital seems to be a Patriot PAC-3 interceptor (pointed nose), not a Russian KH-101 cruise missile (rounded nose). The missile in the video also lacks the distinctive wings of the Russian Kh-101,” U.S. commentator Jackson Hinkle wrote on social networks.

Russia develops transport and attack drones.

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