Russia Expresses Concern Over Argentina’s Involvement in Ukraine Crisis

The rapprochement between Argentina and the military sponsors of Ukraine causes us deep disappointment, Feoktistov said.

On Friday, Dmitry Feoktistov, Russian ambassador to Argentina, said that his country has expressed deep disappointment and concern over Argentina’s recent actions related to military assistance to Ukraine.


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Feoktistov specifically criticized the participation of Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Brussels, known as the “Ramstein format.”

“As for the participation of Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri in the Brussels meeting within the framework of the Ramstein coalition, there are no official comments from the Argentine side yet. The very fact of rapprochement between Buenos Aires and the military sponsors of Ukraine causes us deep disappointment,” the Russian ambassador said, noting that Argentina’s involvement appears to be part of its increased cooperation with NATO.

“Back in April, Argentina requested the status of a global partner of the alliance. Frankly, we do not understand how granting this status would enhance Argentina’s security,” he pointed out, cautioning Argentina that any potential transfer of military equipment to Ukraine would be seen as an unfriendly act.

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This follows reports from local media indicating that Argentina is discussing the transfer of five Super Etendard attack aircraft to Ukraine through negotiations reportedly conducted by Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino with her French counterpart.

“Media reports about the possible transfer of Argentine tanks through Germany, similar to the aircraft deal with France, are also concerning. We have communicated clearly and firmly to Argentina that such actions will be viewed as unfriendly towards Russia,” Feoktistov asserted, expressing hope that Argentina would refrain from interfering in the Ukraine crisis and maintain its traditional restraint.

“This will help preserve the friendly nature of Russian-Argentine relations, which have historically been immune to political trends,” he said.

Previous reports suggested that Argentina might have considered transferring medium TAM tanks, originally designed for Argentina by Germany, to Ukraine. It has also been reported that Argentine President Javier Milei will attend a peace conference on Ukraine in the company of Defense Minister Luis Petri.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | Russian anti-aircraft forces shot down three unmanned drones directed from Ukraine that were flying over the border region of Belgorod. Also, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the terrorist attack was repelled at 9:30 local time.

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Source: Xinhua

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