Russia and North Korea Sign a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement

‘Despite external pressures, our countries are successfully developing in a sovereign, independent manner,’ Putin said.

On Wednesday, North Korea and Russia signed a “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement,” which includes mutual military assistance in the event of an attack.


President Putin Arrives in North Korea for the First Time Since 2000

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean President Kim Jong-Un signed the document after a two-hour closed-door meeting at the Kumsusan state residence.

The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement will replace the diplomatic treaties signed between Moscow and Pyongyang in 1961, 2000, and 2001, according to Yuri Ushakov, the Russian presidential advisor on international policy.

“The agreement will not have any confrontational nature, it will not be directed against any country and will be aimed at ensuring stability in Northeast Asia,” he said, emphasizing that the new deal is necessary due to contemporary geopolitical changes.

Footage of North Korean and Russian heads of states signing Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement

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Earlier, North Korean authorities held a grand ceremony to welcome Putin at the iconic Kim Il-Sung Square, which was decorated with balloons and flags of both countries waved by thousands of citizens.

The new agreement’s mutual defense clause also represents a response to the military rapprochement between the U.S., South Korea, and Japan, three countries that are visibly upset with Putin’s visit to Pyongyang.

“Despite external pressures, our countries are successfully developing in a sovereign and independent manner,” Putin said after signing the new agreement, thanking North Korea for its “steadfast support” for “Russian policies, including those concerning Ukraine.”

For his part, Kim highlighted “the important mission” of Moscow “regarding the maintenance of global strategic stability and balance.” He also pointed out that the special military operation in Ukraine protects Russian sovereignty and security.

On Wednesday, once his stay in North Korea concludes, the Russian leader will travel to Vietnam for a two-day visit, during which the construction of new cooperative ties between the two nations is expected.

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Sources: EFE – Xinhua – TASS

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