Recorded Temperatures Exceed 50 Degrees in Rome, Italy

The measurement was made with a thermal camera that uses infrared, in public places of Rome.

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Greenpeace Italy warned on Friday that the surface temperature in the Colosseum of Rome, capital of Italy, and St Peter’s Square of the Vatican has exceeded 50 degrees Celsius in real time, in a context in which that city is on red alert due to a heat wave that hits the European country.

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Using a thermal camera that uses infrared, NGO members took to the streets to make measurements, after a similar value was recorded on Thursday in Termini, the largest train station in Rome.

“Thousands of tourists, travelers and residents are subjected to extreme temperatures, conditions dangerous to their health”, which “could have negative effects not only on risky health groups such as children and the elderly, but also on healthy and active people”, the NGO warned in a statement.

For this day, the Ministry of Health predicted that Rome would reach a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and extended the red alert level for cities such as Ancona, Campobaso, Frosinone, Latina, Perugia, Rieti and Palermo.

Caldo record: a Roma temperatura delle superfici oltre i 50°. ♨️????Siamo scesi per le strade di Roma con una termocamera…

Posted by Greenpeace Italia on Thursday 20 June 2024

According to Greenpeace Italy, “the current temperature in several Italian cities would have been very unlikely without the warming caused by human activities such as the exploitation of fossil fuels”.

He also said that in the face of the increase in the temperature of the planet, “the scientific community warns that heat waves are increasingly likely and intense due to the climate crisis”.