Puerto Rico Selected for Global Study on Trauma-Focused Therapy

Puerto Rico Selected for Global Study on Trauma-Focused Therapy

Puerto Rico has been chosen as center for the first global study to evaluate the impact of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) through telehealth versus an in-person modality.


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The announcement was made by Dr. Rosaura Orengo Aguayo from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), along with Dr. Wendy Fernández from APS Healthcare and Carmen Bonet, from the Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration (ASSMCA).

Dr, Orengo Aguayo explained that “A traumatic event is something that goes beyond the normal day-to-day human experience,”.

She highlighted the importance of the study in Puerto Rico due to the trauma generated by natural disasters such as hurricanes Irma and María, plus earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Puerto Rico seleccionado para estudio mundial sobre Terapia Cognitiva Conductual Enfocada en Trauma (TF-CBT)https://t.co/UVCSdLanOe https://t.co/Yav9fC3EDj

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May 29, 2024

The study will evaluate the effectiveness of TF-CBT delivered via telehealth compared to the in-person format, using a randomized controlled trial. Dr. Aguayo added “Telehealth is a possible solution to close the gaps in access to mental health services.”

The collaboration between MUSC, APS Healthcare and ASSMCA is key to this project, as it seeks to validate TF-CBT in the Puerto Rican context. APS Healthcare has previously worked with MUSC on TF-CBT studies, showing successful results in reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms in youth.