President Putin Arrives in North Korea for the First Time Since 2000

Leaders will deliver a statement on the results of the meetings at a press conference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea on Wednesday for a two-day state visit at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


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The Russian leader was received by Kim himself at Sunan International Airport adorned with Russian flags.

Also, portraits of the head of the Kremlin and welcome phrases in Russian such as “We warmly greet the president of the Russian Federation, Comrade Vladimir Putin” welcomed the leader of the Eurasian country.

According to the Russian presidential adviser, Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s program in Pyongyang will be very intense as «a very busy agenda is foreseen that includes negotiations in various formats, including expanded and informal talks among the leaders».

Kim Jong-un personally greets Vladimir Putin at Pyongyang airport

— RT (@RT_com) June 18, 2024

Putin last visited North Korea in 2000, when the nation was led by Kim Jong-il, father of the country’s current leader.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un attended the Russian Federation in September last year, where he held a meeting with Putin at the Vostochni cosmodrome in Amur province.

????????????????⚡ Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for his hospitality.

— War Watch (@WarWatchs) June 18, 2024

Also, the current North Korean leader visited the Eurasian nation in April 2019 to hold talks with the Russian president in the city of Vladivostok.