President Luis Arce Appoints New Military Command and Fails Coup Attempt

In the midst of the coup attempt, a new military command was appointed to remove General Zuñiga’s authority over the armed forces

While the panorama outside the government palace is in chaos, inside the Casa Grande del Pueblo, a protocolary act was held headed by President Luis Arce.

Bolivian Government Denounces Attempted Coup D’éTat

In the midst of the coup attempt, a new military command was appointed: José Wilson Sánchez , Gerardo Zavala, as Air Force Leader and Renán Guardia Ramírez, commander of the Bolivian Navy.

With this new appointment, General Juan José Zúñiga loses all the authority of the Bolivian military commanders.

During his speech given by the general commander of the Bolivian Army, José Wilson Sánchez , making use of his power he ordered the immediate withdrawal of all military tankettes, vehicles and personnel who are in the streets.

Commander José Wilson Sanchez orders all rioting troops to return to their units and posts and halt the anti democratic uprising. #Bolivia #CoupAttempt

— Gladys Quesada (@GladysteleSUR) June 26, 2024

This order was accepted by the military police and other military forces, which began the retreat from the area of the Government Palace and Plaza Murillo and backing to the barracks, from where they left without presidential authorization.

According to the teleSUR correspondent, the tankette carrying the former army leader was the first to withdraw at full speed.

In effect, the loss of Zúñiga’s authority, added to the new commander’s order, leaves all the irregular mobilization out of circulation and restores the constitutional line, thus making the coup attempt considered unsuccessful.

The Bolivian people for their part have approached the besieged area celebrating the failure of the coup leaders and singing the national anthem.

#Now: The military police troops retreat from the government premises. This is a foiled coup d’etat attempt.

— Gladys Quesada (@GladysteleSUR) June 26, 2024