Poo-Pourri, your post-lockdown home and handbag essential

LONDON, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Socialising indoors isn’t permitted until at least May 17th, but in the meantime, if…

LONDON, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Socialising indoors isn’t permitted until at least May 17th, but in the meantime, if a garden guest needs to use your toilet, they are actually legally allowed to do so!  However – and here’s the big question – will they dare do a «number two» in your loo?  According to a Poo-Pourri survey of 2,000 men and women across the UK, nearly a third admitted that doing so outside of their own home causes stress and anxiety. 

Introducing Poo-Pourri – every nervous guest’s bathroom saviour…  With US celebrity fans including, Chrissy Teigen, Meghan Trainor and Jonathan van Ness from Queer Eye* – Poo-Pourri is every nervous loo-goers bathroom saviour, giving you the confidence to spray and go, with any number two related stresses and anxieties alleviated.

Visiting the home of a family member, friends or a romantic interest post-lockdown might make you feel uneasy and create toileting insecurities, so stocking up on Poo-Pourri for your home loo, or popping it in your handbag can be a game-changer.  Simply spray before you go and the unique blend of natural essential oils and compounds will absorb any unpleasant odours below the water’s surface.

A Nation of Anxious Loo-goers?

Nearly a third of Brits surveyed agree that having a bowel movement causes them stress and anxiety, because of its associated sounds and odours.  To escape doing their business away from the comfort of their own home, 47% of Brits have confessed dodging or withholding going for a number two for up to 80 minutes, with 16% holding for up to three hours or more – despite the discomfort and the health issues attached.

The reason?  63% of British adults still feel embarrassed with anything loo related.

What’s all the flush about … To hush up any sounds of a tell-tale splash, a third of Brits use toilet roll to mask any sounds and line the toilet bowl, so nothing is left behind, and 19% revealed that they run a bathroom tap or even the shower to drown out the noise.  With 31% flushing more than once to diffuse the odour and 36% relying on a spray or perfume to cover undesirable smells.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet sprays: Original Citrus, Tropical Hibiscus, Vanilla Mint, Lavender Vanilla, Royal Flush and Wild Poppy Berry, RRP £6.99 for 41ml, are available at Holland & Barrett stores and online at www.hollandandbarrett.com.

*Please note listed celebrity names are not current brand spokespeople.

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