Peruvian Congress Records Its Worst Approval Figure With Only 4%

The Peruvian Congress has barely 4 percent approval, while the president, Dina Boluarte, presents only 5 percent support, revealed a survey by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP).


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Ninety-four percent of respondents do not support the management of the legislature, a figure higher than in recent months. This has remained at more than 90 percent rejection since August 2023.

This study consulted the population from 1 to 5 July and has margins of error of 2.8 points above and below each result in its projection of the national reality.

La aprobación del Congreso se mantiene en el mismo nivel que en meses anteriores. Aunque la desaprobación del Congreso aumentó 3% con respecto a mayo, este aumento no es estadísticamente significativo.

— IEP (@IEPeruanos) July 7, 2024

Congressional approval remains at the same level as in previous months. Although congressional disapproval increased 3% compared to May, this increase is not statistically significant.

He also indicated that the south of the country is the area that worst qualifies Congress. 2 percent approve and 95 percent disapprove.

Meanwhile, only 3 percent of respondents approve Boluarte and 92 percent disapprove.

On the other hand, with regard to the question “who currently has more power in Peru?” , 40 percent of those interviewed perceive that the congressmen support it.

In addition, 81 percent consider this body to abuse the power it has, only 1 percent believe it uses it correctly, and 16 percent estimate it does not use all of its power.