Paraguay Urged on Greater Care Due to Rise in Respiratory Illnesses

Paraguay Urged on Greater Care Due to Rise in Respiratory Illnesses

On Monday, Paraguay’s health authorities urged the population to get vaccinated and take extra care, especially children and the elderly, in the face of a drastic increase in cases of respiratory diseases during the current cold season.


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The Ministry of Public Health recalled that immunisation, actions such as hand washing, ventilation of premises, the use of face masks and early care, are some of the useful tools to prevent these ailments.

In the last week there was a 13 percent increase in consultations for influenza, Rhinovirus and Covid-19 and the number of patients rose to 23,418.

It also reported an increase in hospitalisations, with the highest incidence among individuals over 60 years of age, between five and 19 years of age, and under two years of age.

��Ministerio de salud modifica esquema de vacunación

��️☝️A partir de agosto habrá modificaciones en el plan de vacunación para el 2024, donde los niños y niñas deberán recibir la dosis conta el Virus del papiloma humano. La edad para que las niñas reciba la vacuna es de 9 a 18…

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May 27, 2024

 The text reads,

Ministry of Health modifies vaccination schedule Starting in August there will be modifications to the vaccination plan for 2024, where boys and girls must receive the dose against the Human Papillomavirus. The age for girls to receive the vaccine is 9 to 18 years of age

Paraguay is currently experiencing its winter, and this week, for example, is suffering the impact of a cold front that has lowered thermometers to four degrees Celsius and will last for several days, while regions in the north and east are also experiencing heavy rains.

The persistence of the extreme weather has led the government to set up shelters to protect the indigenous people arriving in the country’s capital.