Nicaragua Rejects Failed Coup Attempt Against Bolivian Government

Nicaragua denounces to the world the new coup attempt that is being lived in Sister Bolivia,

On Wednesday, Nicaragua’s Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, led by President Daniel Ortega, denounced the failed coup attempt against the Bolivian government.

Central Obrera Boliviana Condemns Coup Attempt

In the words of the communiqué, Nicaragua “denounces to the world the new coup attempt that is being lived in Sister Bolivia, where the people again see shaken their yearnings for tranquility, security, peace and democracy”.

“We denounce the military maneuvers and movements that are taking place in the center of the Bolivian capital, La Paz, in an attempt to intimidate the efforts of the People of that Brother Country, to transcend and advance in their own Roads, according to their own Models Democratic, and, according to Aspirations and Rights, to live creating their own Destiny, without interference, or intervention, of any kind”, adds.

President Ortega endorsed Nicaragua’s solidarity with the people of Bolivia and reaffirmed his support for the Lucho government.

???????????????? || El Gobierno de Nicaragua denuncia el nuevo intento de Golpe de Estado que se está viviendo en el país hermano de Bolivia. ????⚫️

— Redvolución (@redvolucion_nic) June 26, 2024

The text reads,
The Government of Nicaragua denounces the new attempted Coup d’état that is taking place in the sister country of Bolivia.

“Our solidarity, clear and defined, with that Fraternal People, with its president, Comrade Luis Arce; with its vice president, Comrade David Choquehuanca,” the official statement said.

As a farewell, Nicaragua sends forces to the Bolivian government and reiterates the futility of the coup d’état, “This new coup attempt will not happen!  Always Beyond !”.