Mexican State of Nuevo Leon Declares a State of Emergency After the Passage of Cyclone Alberto

Alberto claimed the lives of 6 people, including 3 minors and generated losses of 1.5 billion pesos

On Tuesday, the Mexican state of Nuevo León declared a state of emergency due to weather conditions caused by storm Alberto, the first cyclone of the season.

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Alberto claimed the lives of 6 people, including 3 minors and generated losses of 1.5 billion pesos (82.7 million dollars) to the Mexican State.

The declaration of emergency covers the 51 municipalities of the state, where the meteorological phenomenon caused rains last week and left floods, road blocks, isolated communities and urban infrastructure.

The General Secretariat of the Administration of Governor Samuel Garcia published the statement in the Official State Newspaper to expedite resources for reconstruction.

Tropical storms like Alberto can lead to years of declining incomes
The long-term economic effects of tropical cyclones far outweigh the direct damages from high winds and flooding, with local incomes declining for years after the storm hits

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“Based on the results of the analyses and opinions carried out by the Process Management Committee at its meeting on 24 June 2024, the declaration of emergency is issued for the 51 municipalities of the state of Nuevo León due to the natural hydrometeorological impact of the tropical storm called Alberto,” the document states.

The brief details that the municipalities with the greatest damage are Abasolo, Agualeguas, Allende, Apodaca, Aramberri, Cadereyta Jiménez, Doctor González, Galeana, García, General Bravo, General Terán, General Treviño, Zaragoza, Guadalupe, Hidalgo, Hualahuises, Iturbide, Juárez, Lampazos, Linares, Los Ramones, Mier and Noriega.

There are also Montemorelos, Monterrey, Parás, Pesquería, Sabinas Hidalgo, San Nicolás de los Garza, San Pedro Garza García, Santa Catarina and Santiago. The municipalities of Aramberri, Zaragoza and Iturbide were cut off by land because of the damage to their roads.

Alberto was the first cyclone of the season after Mexican authorities predicted in May up to 41 named cyclones in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, of which at least five would impact the country.