Mayor of Nuseirat Refugee Camp is Kill due to the Zionist Shellings


According to local media, in addition to the mayor another 5 people were killed by the bombing.

During a shelling of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, the mayor of the area, Iyad Al-Magha, was killed after an Israeli shell hit a municipal building.

According to local media, in addition to the mayor another 5 people were killed by the bombing.

The Palestinian authorities referred to the deceased as: “Al Maghari, considered a service official who preferred to fulfill his national duty and provide service from the outset and without interruption to the population of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Central Governorate, throughout these days of genocidal war, was loyal and dedicated to his work and to the service of his people and his country”

The Information Office further held “the Israeli occupation and the US administration fully responsible for this heinous crime,” adding that “We call on all free nations of the world to prosecute the Israeli occupation in international courts and forums for its heinous crimes”.

The prominent mayor of Nuseirat, Iyad al-Maghari, is among five people killed in an Israeli raid on central Gaza, an Al Jazeera correspondent reports.

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Added to these martyrs are the nearly 40 martyrs, killed by the Zionist bombing of the refugee camp, most of them in a school of the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that housed more than 500 displaced persons.

According to information provided by the Gazan authorities, the Israeli bombardment left at least 40 people dead, including 14 children and 9 women, and injured some 74 people.

In an attempt to clean up this and other crimes, the Israeli authorities claimed to have attacked a Hamas unit that, according to military spokesman Peter Lerner, used the school as a base of operations.

#ÚLTIMOMINUTO | Muere este jueves el alcalde de Nuseirat, Iyad Al-Maghari, tras ataque de Israel a un edificio gubernamental en la Franja de Gaza

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The text reads,
Nuseirat Mayor Iyad Al-Maghari Dies on Thursday after Israeli Attack on Government Building in Gaza Strip

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