Malian Army Kills 42 Suspected Terrorists After Attack Leaves 5 Soldiers Wounded

The Malian army claims to have killed 42 suspected terrorists after a “complex car bomb ambush” suffered by the military on the road linking the towns of Menaka and Ansongo in the east of the country, leaving five soldiers wounded.


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“The large explosion of the car bomb caused five injuries among the military, two of them serious,” says the note, which adds that after “the failure of the ambush, a group of a dozen terrorists was chased and destroyed in their retreat.”

I report this in a statement, the Armed Forces of Mali that a car bomb was launched on Friday against a military patrol, but was destroyed at a safe distance.

The military also destroyed an improvised explosive device discovered 102 kilometres from the town of Ansongo.

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L’État-major Général des Armées informe que les FAMa ont déjoué une embuscade complexe au véhicule piégé dans le secteur d’INDÉLIMANE sur la route MENAKA-ANSONGO.#FAMa #Mali #Security #Terrorism #Peace #Force #Army #Operation #Success #Victory #Together

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In a subsequent raid, soldiers killed 32 “terrorists,” destroying two of their vehicles, weapons, ammunition and bomb-making products, the note states.

This country in the unstable Sahel region, ruled by a coup military junta since 2020, is the scene of continuous terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Islamic State (IS) and the local branch of Al Qaeda, called the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GAIM).

According to data from the platform ‘Armed Conflict Location And Event Data Project’ (ACLED), which monitors violence in the world, in 2023 3 3,364 people died in Mali from attacks by non-state groups and another 2,244 at the hands of state forces.