Julian Assange Ends His Trial and Is a Completely Free Man

Assange is now free to return to his native Australia.

OnTuesday, a judge from the Northern Mariana Islands, US territory, issued a sentence against Julian Assagne, culminating in his definitive freedom.

Julian Assange Expected to Plead Guilty in Deal With US

The judge, Ramona Villagomez Manglona, of the US federal court, accepted the terms of the agreement reached by the United States Department of Justice with the founder of Wikileaks.

Thus, Julian Assange pleaded guilty to the charges brought in the United States, and in return was sentenced to 62 months in prison,

WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange has entered into a plea deal with the United States government that could see him freed shortly, according to newly filed court papers.

This latest development means that Assange, according to the deal, would face a sentence of… pic.twitter.com/kkToWXYPNx

— The Resistance (@TopGResistance) June 26, 2024

The judge considered that the period of imprisonment was later served during the time he spent in the maximum security prison of Belmarsh in the UK, so the founder of Wikileaks was completely free.

“I sentence him to the time he has already served,” Judge Villagomez Manglona told Assange.

Assange is now free to return to his native Australia.