Jamaica: Attempted Arson Attack on Parliament Building Investigated

Jamaica: Attempted Arson Attack on Parliament Building Investigated

On Sunday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force opened an investigation and is searching for the suspect in an attempt to set a fire at the Houses of Parliament, known as Gordon House, with a kerosene bottle engulfed in flames.


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A senior detective from the body’s criminal investigation department is leading the investigation and has also ordered increased security at these and all state facilities, including the Prime Minister’s office, the King’s House (the Governor General’s official residence) and ministries.

According to reports, at 22:00 local time on Saturday, guards detected a strange smell of smoke at Gordon House and later found a half-burnt plastic bottle at the entrance to the premises, which left marks on the doors.

Security cameras showed that a person set fire to the bottle, threw it against the building and then fled.

Saturday’s attempted arson attack on Gordon House which left the front door of the building damaged has been strongly condemned by legislators who have labelled it an assault on the nation’s democracy and called for greater security arrangements to be put in place.… pic.twitter.com/QKQ4jO24ES

— Jamaica Observer (@JamaicaObserver)
June 3, 2024

For the police, this is a worrying incident and they asked for the cooperation of the public to find the person responsible.

Political figures in the country also expressed concern about the incident and the opposition demanded the full weight of justice because it represented an attack on an important symbol of Jamaica.

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