Israeli Offensive in Gaza Leaves Half UN Infrastructure Destroyed

The latest assessment of food security in Gaza has revealed that 96% of the population faces «extreme levels of hunger».

More than half of the facilities of the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), some 190, have already been destroyed, in more than eight months of conflict in the Gaza Strip, said Tuesday in a press conference the commissioner general of the organization, Philippe Lazzarini.

Number of Palestinians Killed in Gaza Rises to 37,658

The senior official also denounced that on Monday night “again, a school has been attacked» in northern Gaza. Twelve people were reportedly killed and 22 injured.

In addition, Lazzarini indicated that some half a thousand people who took refuge in educational institutions had died in such attacks.

He also stressed that some 200 UN workers have died in the conflict, including 193 from UNRWA.

«We not only suffered a political, legislative and defamation campaign; on the ground we have also paid a high price», Lazzarini said.

«Last night, again, a school has been hit» in northern #Gaza@UNLazzarini
12 people were reportedly killed and 22 injured.
Around 190 @UNRWA facilities have been hit or damaged since the war started – more than half of our premises in Gaza.

— UNRWA (@UNRWA) June 25, 2024

UNRWA also highlighted that “a high and sustained risk of famine persists in Gaza”, according to the latest report of the Integrated Classification of the Food Security Phase (IPC), which includes some twenty institutions and organizations.

“Almost 500,000 people in the besieged territory face catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity,” the agency said.

According to IPC, 22 percent of the Gazan population suffers from extreme hunger, while another 745,000 would be at level four on a scale of five in terms of food insecurity.En su última cifra del martes, el informe de Clasificación Integrada de Fases de Seguridad Alimentaria (IPC) indicó que el 96% de la población enfrenta niveles extremos de hambre en la Franja de Gaza, donde más de 37.600 palestinos han muerto en ataques israelíes desde octubre del año pasado.

The report revealed that about 2.13 million people across the Gaza Strip faced high levels of acute food insecurity classified in IFC Phase 3 or higher (crisis or worse) between May 1 and June 15, including nearly 343,000 people who experienced catastrophic food insecurity (IFC Phase). 5).

In its response to these figures, the World Food Programme stated that they demonstrate the critical importance of sustained access to all areas of Gaza.

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report on Gaza paints a bleak picture of current hunger, finding that 96 percent of the population faces acute food insecurity at a crisis level or higher (CIP category 3+ ), with nearly half a million people in catastrophic conditions (IPC category 5)», the UN agency said in a statement.

The report notes that there remains a high risk of famine throughout the Gaza Strip as long as the conflict continues and humanitarian access is restricted.

«While the entire territory is classified in Emergency (IFC Phase 4), more than 495,000 people (22 percent of the population) still face catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity (IFC Phase 5)», added the IFC, which is a collaborative initiative. involving more than 20 partners, including governments, UN agencies and NGOs.