Israeli Airstrike Against Lebanese City Leaves Four Dead

In response to the airstrike, Hezbollah launched attacks on Israeli military sites using drones and missiles.

On Tuesday night, an Israeli airstrike on the city of Jouaiya in southeastern Lebanon killed four people and injured 10 others.


High Hezbollah Officer Dies in South Lebanon During Israeli Attack

The airstrike hit a house with three missiles in Jouaiya, killing Abu Talib, a senior military leader of the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, and three of his companions, according to the Lebanese TV channel al-Jadeed. Hezbollah has not yet issued any comments regarding the incident.

Teams from the civil defense and Islamic Health Authority continued to remove the rubble of the house, and the Lebanese Red Cross continued its efforts to transport casualties to hospitals in the city. Meanwhile, search was underway to locate missing persons.

In response to the airstrike, Hezbollah announced that it had launched attacks on Israeli military sites using drones and missiles. On Wednesday morning, about 160 rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel. The National Fire and Rescue Authority said that the rockets caused fires in several areas.

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Later in the morning, a barrage of some 70 rockets was fired toward Western Galilee and Mount Meron in Upper Galilee region, where a key aerial defense control unit is located. So far, no injuries have been reported by the Israeli side.

In response to the latest barrage, Israeli aircraft struck the launcher in the area of Yaroun. The Upper Galilee Regional Council called on residents to reduce outdoor activities to essential ones only, citing fear of additional barrages.

Lebanese military sources said they had monitored “the crossing of 12 drones and about 80 surface-to-surface missiles from the Lebanese side to northern Israel,” while the Israeli Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted some of them.

Tensions along the border between Lebanon and Israel increased on October 8, 2023, following a barrage of rockets launched by Hezbollah towards Israel in solidarity with the actions of the Palestinian Resistance Movement (Hamas). Israel then retaliated by firing heavy artillery into southeastern Lebanon.

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Source: Xinhua

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