Hezbollah Shows Strategic Israeli Locations in Video Footage


Lebanese resistance has intensified its operations against Israeli positions in occupied Syrian territory.

The Lebanese resistance Hezbollah published on Tuesday videos showing the areas attacked in a recent attack by the group against Israeli positions in the occupied Golan Heights and revealed strategic Israeli army sites in those territories in Syria.

Israeli Attacks Destroy Building in Civilian Neighbourhood in Lebanon

The video begins with images of several intelligence and early warning radar sites, five of which are in the occupied Golan Heights and one in the occupied Shab’a farms in Lebanon.

At these locations are stationed forces of the 9900 and 8200 units of the Zionist Army, as well as cyber warfare units. Other nearby forces are responsible for border security and the protection and maintenance of these bases.

The video also includes images of command-and-control headquarters in the occupied Golan Heights and lists specific units of the Israeli army occupying those sites, some of which were established after 7 October.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has continued its #Hoopoe series and released a second episode, however, this time it unraveled important Israeli military sites in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The video also showcased new positions and roads for Israeli forces outside the… pic.twitter.com/csqP0rUTzC

— Al Mayadeen English (@MayadeenEnglish) July 9, 2024

Iron Dome platforms along the Golan Heights are also visible in images filmed by undetected Hezbollah drones.

The Keila barracks, one of the largest training facilities in the Golan Heights, which the group has attacked several times, appear in the images.

The images are a continuation of a Hezbollah video released on 18 June, showing sensitive sites throughout northern Israel, including the port of Haifa and all military sites, facilities and warships within it.

On the other hand, the occupying Israeli Army launched an air attack early this Tuesday from the Mediterranean Sea towards a point near the coastal city of Banias, according to a Syrian military source.

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