Haiti: Government Urged to Revitalize Economy

Alphonse advocated the implementation of certain social plans adapted to the needs of the population.

On Monday, Fritz Alphonse, in charge of the recovery project at the level of Haiti’s Presidential Transitional Council, invited Prime Minister Garry Conille to implement strategies to revitalize the country’s economy.


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Alphonse pointed out that there is a significant drop in the purchasing power of the population, in the average income, but also in economic activities.

He called on the sectors of national life to consolidate in this direction to help the reintegration of Haiti, and to recover the value of the Gross Domestic Product from the year 2026.

It is vital – in his opinion – to take advantage of this crisis to reach an agreement with the private business sector, members of the Haitian diaspora, for economic inclusion aimed at wealth creation,

Les conseillers-présidents Edgard Leblanc fils, Leslie Voltaire , Fritz Alphonse Jean et l’Ambassadeur canadien en Haïti François Giroux ont rencontré, hier jeudi. Les échanges ont porté sur la sécurité ,les élections ,la coopération bilatérale dans les secteurs de la santé… pic.twitter.com/bfwqIdyvfT

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The advisor-presidents Edgard Leblanc fils, Leslie Voltaire, Fritz Alphonse Jean and the Canadian Ambassador to Haiti François Giroux met yesterday Thursday. The discussions focused on security, elections, bilateral cooperation in the health sectors, etc.

The economist quoted by Le National newspaper strongly believes that it is necessary to rebuild human capital in Haiti to reform executives and professionals, while loans and scholarships should be granted to students, but also internship programmes for young people.

Alphonse advocated the implementation of certain social plans adapted to the needs of the population.

He explained that more than 160,000 people benefited from the US parole immigration programme, while others packed their bags and left for Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and elsewhere.

Hence, many business leaders complain about the lack of personnel, especially managers and skilled workers.

He pointed out that Haiti is experiencing a process of a slowdown in investment between 2018 and 2023, and also referred to the collapse of the human stock and the lack of confidence of Haitians that generates their pessimism about the future of the country.