Cuban Media Report Dismantling of Terrorist Plan Against Cuba Organized From the US

Several Cuban media have reported that the Interior Ministry (MININT) have dismantled a terrorist plan against Cuba, “organized and financed from the United States” in which there is already a person involved detained.


US-Based Politicians and Terrorists Were Left Wanting: Diaz-Canel

Granma newspaper, official press Organ of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party highlights that “Citizen Ardenys García Álvarez, who illegally entered Cuba by sea and entered firearms and ammunition, was arrested as part of a new recruitment plan to carry out violent actions” in Cuba.

The Cuban newspaper recalls that in December 2023 the Cuban government published in the Official Gazette of the Republic a list of persons and entities that sponsor terrorism against Cuba, and two days later preliminary information was released about the neutralization of a new recruitment plan to execute violent actions on the island.

???????????? Fuerzas del MININT desarticulan plan terrorista contra #Cuba, organizado y financiado desde los Estados Unidos.

Al concluir la Emisión Estelar del Noticiero de este lunes 8 de julio, se transmitirá un programa especial sobre el tema.

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— Agencia Cubana de Noticias (@ACN_Cuba) July 7, 2024

MININT forces dismantle terrorist plan against #Cuba, organized and financed from the United States. A special program on the subject will be broadcast at the end of this Monday, July 8.

García Álvarez, the main person implicated who has been arrested for these actions, carried out in US territory, had emigrated to that country, illegally, since 2014, says Granma, and points out that other people who reside in Cuba have been also arrested.

“The actions of the forces of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) prevented the realization of plans designed, directed and financed, once again, from the United States and generated an investigative process focused on the facts and the people involved,” said the official sources Granma.

The newspaper informs that after tomorrow’s National News Star Broadcast, Monday, July 8, 2024, Cuban Television will offer a special program with evidence that demonstrates the terrorist plans and actions, as well as their main stakeholders.