Colombia: Southwest Militarized After Insurgent Group Attacks

Colombia: Southwest Militarized After Insurgent Group Attacks

On Tuesday, the department of Cauca, in the southwest of Colombia, dawned heavily militarized after a series of attacks by the Central General Staff (EMC) against police targets that left four dead in the municipality of Morales.


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Other guerrilla actions in the same department occurred the day before against members of the security forces in Dagua, Suárez, Jambaló and also in Jamundí, in neighboring Valle del Cauca, where an explosive device exploded, injuring at least six people.

In response, the country’s president called a security council in Popayán, Cauca, with the aim of repelling the armed organization.

According to statements made by the Minister of Defence, Iván Velásquez, a reward of up to 500 million pesos (around 130,000 dollars at the current exchange rate) will be offered for information leading to the capture or neutralization of the leaders of the Dagoberto Ramos and Jaime Martínez columns or the Carlos Patiño front.

Rechazamos el asesinato de los patrulleros de nuestra @PoliciaColombia Jaime Andrés Calderón y Diego David López, esta mañana en #Morales, #Cauca

Enviamos un mensaje de solidaridad a su familia y disponemos nuestras capacidades para dar con los responsables.#NosDueleATodos

— Fuerzas Militares de Colombia (@FuerzasMilCol)
May 20, 2024

 The text reads, 

We reject the murder of our
patrolmen Jaime Andrés Calderón and Diego David López, this morning in #Morales , #Cauca We send a message of solidarity to his family and use our capabilities to find those responsible.

Likewise, as of Tuesday, 100 carabineros will be deployed to reinforce the municipalities, an increase in technological capabilities is planned, and an increase in operations, some of which are already underway, to be carried out by the police and military forces.

According to Velásquez, yesterday’s attacks are not due to a weakness of the state forces, but to the actions that, with very good results, he said, are being carried out in the department.

«We examined in this security council what capabilities we can increase. For example, a much stronger presence and activity by military intelligence and the police will allow us to carry out forceful operations against the organization,» the minister also explained.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense reported that a platoon of professional soldiers had arrived in Morales, Cauca, to reinforce security in the municipality and provide peace of mind to the communities.

Un pelotón de soldados profesionales de la #Brigada29 llega a Morales, Cauca, para reforzar el dispositivo de seguridad en el municipio y brindar tranquilidad a las comunidades.

Asimismo, aeronaves artilladas de @Ejercito_Davaa y @FuerzasMilCol se mantienen en la zona y apoyan…

— Mindefensa (@mindefensa)
May 20, 2024

 The text reads, 

A platoon of professional soldiers from #Brigada29 arrives in Morales, Cauca, to reinforce the security system in the municipality and provide peace of mind to the communities.
In addition, aircraft armed with 
 are maintained in the area and support from the air the patrols carried out by the troops and armored vehicles of the N8 Light Cavalry Group. 
The message is clear: all the capacities of the Public Forces are focused on stabilizing this area of Cauca to protect communities.

Likewise, the communication added, aircraft with artillery remain in the area and support from the air the patrolling work carried out by the troops and armored vehicles of the Light Cavalry Group N8.

In addition to Velásquez, the Security Council was chaired by Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velasco and Vice-President Francia Márquez.

Upon leaving the meeting, the vice-president reaffirmed that the national government will be present in the territory to deal with the situation, and informed that social investments will also be made in the territory to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

The Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, said in X that the offensive in Cauca will be total.